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Dear members of EHVSN, welcome to our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on the Wiki. Here you can find documented answers of our group's professionals to questions that are frequently posted on the group.

How do I hack a unlock pattern for a Android Phone?

I have made a hack for that a few years ago, basically you need to find out where the pattern is stored, usually in some .db file, which is a sqlite3 database. This setting could reside in the launcher's \data part, go there and just remove the entire file responsible for holding the pattern.

How do I control my PC with my Phone using BlueTooth?

1. BTRemote (free): Control your computer using a bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Move the mouse cursor send key strokes and control the most common applications such windows media player, internet explorer, firefox. Download it here:

2. anyRemote (free): Remote control software for applications using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. anyRemote supports wide range of modern cell phones line Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, majority of Android phones and others. Download it here:

HowTo shut down a remote PC (running Windows) via CMD

“shutdown /m \\COMPUTERDNSNAME /s /f /t 00” /m = machine /s = shutdown /f = force /t = time delay

Before it will reboot, it will prompt for credentials. We can also use PSEXEC for example to execute “shutdown /f /s /t 00”, basically the same command but without the remote machine parameter.

How To create bootable Linux OS USB sticks / drives ?

Several ways to do this! Most easy, is LinuxLive USB Creator (aka LiLi) which can be downloaded here:

Sometimes you need a CMD tool for this, and for Windows users we can obtain syslinux and execute: syslinux.exe -ma X:

The no1 resource for booting linux can be found here:

For those who seek a bootable Kali Linux USB drive we recommend reading this article:

Simple "virus" / "malicious process" tracing and removal using CMD

1. Index the current running processes:

wmic process get ProcessID,ExecutablePath or alternatively: tasklist /FI “STATUS eq RUNNING”

2. Kill the process:

taskkill /f /im “virusname.exe”

3. Delete the virus

del /f “%PATHTOVIRUS%\virusname.exe”

Bypassing a BIOS / CMOS password

The password is stored, the chip that holds the data of the password, needs to be powered to keep the data. So to bypass such protection, we need to make the system powerless. Unplug the system, wait for like 10 - 15 mins OR you can disconnect the battery/power of the system and then turn it on, this will force capacitors to empty, because there is no power source, the BIOS will be forced to defaults.

Alternatively, especially older systems, have a jumper to CLEAR CMOS, shortcut that with a jumper or screwdriver or whatever on booting the system, and it will remove the password as well.

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