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Facebook Hacking

Why is unclear to many hackers, but noobs love the idea of hacking facebook, what they want to achieve with this is unknown even to themselves. Maybe they can brag to their friends and show that they can 'hack' Facebook? Here's a list of what you can do to 'hack' Facebook:


  • 1. Session Hijacking
  • 2. DNS Spoofing
  • 3. Cookie stealing
  • 4. MITM (Man In the Middle Attacks)
  • 5. Phishing
  • 6. Bruteforcing (with help of proxy chains and VPNs)
  • 7. Hijacking
  • 8. Social Engineering
  • 9. Keylogger
  • 10. Dictionary attack

Getting more likes / autolikes

People seek ways to get more likes for their posts and are depressed to see they have only a few. They ask how to 'hack' more likes so they can comfort themselves with the idea that people like what they post. This is known as lying to oneself and should be avoided. The proper way to obtain more likes for your posts on Facebook is to post something interesting, people then will give you genuine likes and you feel good about your post!

Making blank comments

type “</fg>” …. many like to comment blank, it's basically the same as saying nothing, so people ask us, how can I say nothing? Well, just don't reply if you have nothing to contribute, it's the ultimate blank comment!

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