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Welcome to the second EHVSN Challenge!

This Christmas I bring you a nice challenge in the form of a Ethical Hacking Police Case:

Background story

25-12-2017: The Police reports that a key person in a underground organization has been captured. The person quickly tried to hide a note when the police bust in his house. The note has been taken for evidence, the note only holds a combination of numbers:

505 527 519 669 655 505 512 669 519 544 652 590 535 519 508 508 664 593 669 655 655

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators (CHFI) have been digging through his personal computers and laptops. The've unconvered tools for what they think is related to this specific combination of numbers. Get the sources of these tools and analyse them, how has this password been encrypted? Find a way to reverse the process!

The found number combination is believed to be the decryption key of his highly encrypted HDD, the forensics team is going to need it for further evidence in the case against him.

The discovered tools

The found tools step1.bat and step2.bat can be downloaded here:
these are however the encoders that are probably used for this number combination. We search for a way to decode what these tools have encoded.

The challenge

It's your mission to decode the password using the files the CHFI team has uncovered, good luck!

The bonus round

Bonus points for those who can make a batch code that can instantly decrypt the code reversing the entire process.

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