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    Hi, I'm Beyar!
    A teen who's passionate about developing and researching!
    I'm currently working at a company as a penetration tester & security analyst.

Started from the bottom
At a younger age I was more interested in gaming and knew almost nothing about hacking at all, I just knew how to find the right information to solve issues. I used to play games most of my time until I started to dig deeper about how games was made, ironically that made me learn the basics of internets infrastructure and how computers worked which then picked my interest. During junior high school I was mostly known as the "IT guy" who you could go to if you needed any help literally, I was able to solve every issue almost everyone had, that made me quite popular actually.

While growing up I started to get more and more involved into hacking and penetration testing because if found it very interesting to get the ability to do stuff other people couldn't. My friends described be as a talented individual but I'd say it was because I was extremely interested in security generally speaking. There was also other individuals in my school and who were very knowledgable within the IT field but the reason people preferred to walk up to me was because I was teaching them how to solve it them selfs while I was with them, some people prefer to keep stuff as secret and some people love to share everything they know, that was pretty much me and I am still that kind of person.

As my name grew, so did my reputation. Soon people started to contact me and wanted to work on big projects with me, that is when I got involved in "booters" and stress testing. What I did during that time was exploring different protocols and commands that had a larger response then your request also known as a amplification factor. I've been behind multiple semi-big booter sites and a big part of my experience comes from working on these sites. My biggest hit that period was when I found a while flaw in one of those "free booter sources" (I know most of them are backdoored), the flaw gave everyone the ability to take down the website for as long as possible even if you used a reverse proxy or heavily protected host. The exploit has still not been patched to this day from what it looks like.

One year later I started to lose my interest in stress testing and shifted focus to breached databases, so I started to collect all kinds of breached databases, it took my one whole year to reach over 4+ billion 1 breached accounts until one day my hard disk broke (I had plans the same week on installing RAID). That's when I completely left that scene and moved on to something else.

The first year in my high school, I met a classmate who was very likeminded as me, but he was even more skilled than me but I had more skills when it came to security. He had his own website and hosted everything by himself which I found pretty cool! So we started to share all kinds of stuff to each other day and night even during lessons until one day he introduced me to his company, that's when I knew security is my thing.

Current project:
  • Create my own interpreter with a syntax that is very easy to learn.

  • Work on projects.
  • Develop responsive websites.
  • Develop a fully functional backend from scratch.
  • Create algorithms that would make a certain task much faster.
  • Play games (mostly to relax during intensiv/stressful days)

Music taste:
  • Future house
  • Tropical house
  • Elektroswing

  • Information gathering.
  • Finding vulnerabilities.

Programming languages
  • Assembler (Basic level)
  • C (Basic level)
  • Objective-C (Basic level)
  • Swift (Basic level)
  • D (Advanced level)
  • Crystal (Advanced level)
  • Python 2 & 3 (Advanced)
  • Ruby (Advanced level)

Other types of languages
  • HTML
  • Javascript (Prefer using jQuery lib)
  • PHP
  • SQL
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