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Nova Framework !!
« on: February 23, 2018, 04:53:27 PM »
Hello everyone !

What is the Nova Framework? -:

Nova Framework is a PHP 5.6 MVC system. It's designed to be lightweight and modular, allowing developers to build better and easy to maintain code with PHP.


The framework requirements are limited.

PHP 5.6 or greater.
Apache Web Server or equivalent with mod rewrite support.
IIS with URL Rewrite module installed -
The following PHP extensions should be enabled:

Fileinfo (edit php.ini and uncomment php_fileinfo.dll or use php selector within cpanel if available.)
Note: Although a database is not required, if a database is to be used, the system is designed to work with a MySQL database using PDO.

This framework was designed and is strongly recommended to be installed above the document root directory, with it pointing to the webroot folder.

Additionally, installing in a sub-directory, on a production server, will introduce severe security issues. If there is no choice still place the framework files above the document root and have only index.php and .htacess from the webroot folder in the sub folder and adjust the paths accordingly.

Download Source :-
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