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Splatterhouse MUGEN Edition 20160828
« on: August 28, 2016, 08:35:29 PM »
Splatterhouse MUGEN Edition v0.8 by HcH

v0.8 release notes:
* updated to MUGEN 1.1 b 4
* added new music tracks
* added new enemy: Bellyache by Josip Knezovicz
* added new enemy: Poltergeist by Borewood
* added new level: Poltergeist room by Borewood
* removed final boss from v0.4
* removed a Rick character by Andres Borghi
* added new level: SH2 West Mansion Ruins by Mysterious0Bob
* added new level: SH2 Octopus Chase by MIMCHOU

The Arcade mode objective is simple, defeat all enemies to win the game.  Enemies will get a lot harder when you progress through the 6 levels.

3 Rick characters
7 Enemies
17 Splatterhouse levels
13 Splatterhouse musictracks

Splatterhouse 1: Hell Chaos Burning Woods Stage (Hell_Chaos) by Borewood
Splatterhouse 1: Poltergeist by Borewood
Splatterhouse 2: West Mansion Begin (SH2Begin) by HcH
Splatterhouse 2: Dark Mask Chamber (SH2DMC) by HcH
Splatterhouse 2: Elevator (SH2Elevator) by HcH
Splatterhouse 2: Octopus Boat Chase (SPH2Boat) by MIMCHOU
Splatterhouse 2: Ruins of West Mansion (westmansionruins) by Mysterious0Bob
Splatterhouse 3: Boreworm Hall (SH3BorewormHall) by HcH
Splatterhouse 3: Boss Level (SH3BossLevel) by HcH
Splatterhouse 3: Dark Hall (SH3DarkHall) by HcH
Splatterhouse 3: Diner Room (SH3DinerRoom) by HcH
Splatterhouse 3: Fireplace (SH3Fireplace) by HcH
Splatterhouse 3: Hall (SH3Hall) by HcH
Splatterhouse 3: Kitchen (SH3Kitchen) by HcH
Splatterhouse 3: Lobby (SH3Lobby) by HcH
Splatterhouse 3: Stone Hall (SH3StoneHall) by HcH
Splatterhouse 3: Tainted Hall (SH3TaintedHall) by HcH

[CHAR] Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse 1 by Fuddyfunny
[CHAR] Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse 3 by Sir Tigol & Lord Paul
[CHAR] Rick Taylor MVC by Pizzaman
[CHAR] Zombie by Pizzaman
[CHAR] ZombieChaos by Pizzaman
[CHAR] Cerberus by Pizzaman
[CHAR] Shar-Makai by Andrés Borghi
[CHAR] Bellyache by Josip Knezovicz
[CHAR] Hell Chaos by Borewood
[STAGE] Octopus Boat Chase (SPH2Boat) by MIMCHOU
[STAGE] Ruins of West Mansion (westmansionruins) by Mysterious0Bob
[STAGE] Hell Chaos Burning Woods Stage (Hell_Chaos) by Borewood
[STAGE] Poltergeist by Borewood
[STAGE] 13 Stages by HcH

Version history
2009/september/5 First release
2011/april/17 Second release, new levels and enemies
2016/august/28 Third release, features a new MUGEN engine and works on Windows 8 now, fixed a few various issues as well

Splatterhouse.MUGEN.Edition.v20160828.exe 53.2MB Installer


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