Author Topic: [WM8505] FlyTouch (MID) (Green LED) (VIB) (WMT2.1.2)  (Read 7366 times)

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[WM8505] FlyTouch (MID) (Green LED) (VIB) (WMT2.1.2)
« on: November 23, 2011, 12:02:51 AM »

This device came in a box labeled "MID" in green letters. Does not vibrate when turned on and has green LED. It shows WMT2.1.2_105 when booting, nasty firmware to find! In fact, I didn't. Thanks to some users who I've tried to help out with their CVUK-PC06-2GEN firmware this problem became clear to me. So any WMT2.1.2_105 you try on this device (I've tried an awful lot!) won't work! Lots of firmware get stuck on "Preparing software package" or on "UDisk Not found (/dev/sda)". So I've successfully bricked my device... Based on WMT2.0_105 I've managed to create a workaround for this problem.

Also compatible with a device that came in a blue box with WMT2.0_105, Green light powered on and black audio connectors, vibrate on startup. Reported to also work with WMT2.1_105, all include a USB/LAN Silver 24pin Connector.

* updated bootscreen
* changed default wallpaper
* added extra small games:
  -Bow Man 1.2
  -Bowshooter Lite
  -Chess For Android 1.5.6
  -Fly Racing
  -Papi Catch
  -Papi Jump
  -Papi Missile 100
  -Laser Reflections
  -Ultimate Cave 1.6.7
* added extra apps
  -Hystudio eBook Reader 2.1.5
  -Tricorder 5.11
  -Wifi Analyzer 2.3.1
  -WiFi File Explorer PRO 109
* fixed youtube by including WEB FLV 1.5 / Youtube support package, strange
  it's wasn't there in the first place.

* extra launcher dxtop
* fixed camera
* updated drivers to WMT2.1.6

* disabled / removed phone
* change boottext
* rooted
* market
* optimized windows loading
* loads extra apps
* loads extra games
* deleted scn/tcn stuff
* removed / disabled phone func
* cleared dalvic cache
* changed bootlogo
* updated wallpapers
* removed 6.5mb from launcher clearing ramspace
* enabled adp
* added more wallpapers incl thumbs

Apps added:

Advanced Task Killer Pro 195
Android VNC build 20100819
Androzip 104
App Monster pro 184
Battery Booster
Beautiful widgets 3241
Cachemate for rootusers 263
Connectbot 400 All
Dolphin Browser 250
Esfile Explorer
Free Memory Lite 244
Meridian Player 140
Quick Settings 197p2
Quick System Info Pro 152
Remote Desktop 190
Sticky Notes

Games added:

Air Attack Lite 306
Air Control 107
Bubble Burst Pro 211
Freecell 203
Grenades AS 113
Little Python 110
Robo Defense 120
Root Explorer 2124
Salvo 10
Solitaire 1111
Splat 13
Splat II 15
Tank Ace 1944 105
Tap and Furious 104
Throttle Copter
Zen Table Tennis 102

105_wmt2.1.2_20110205-HcH.7z  80MB
105_wmt2.1.2_20110205-HcH.7z MiRROR#1  80MB

These are the roms failed loading on this tablet:

ECOTOX android 1.7
ECOTOX 1.3.1
M002 Slatedroid Mercury RC (Logo Fixed)
M002 Slatedroid Mercury RC Beta
Slatedroid v1.1
update software for the item CVUK-PC06-2GEN
WMT 2.1.6_105_LF-C_v1.0b

If all these didn't work, this rom is the one for you !
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