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Romantic Evil - 2013 - Passionate [DOWNLOAD]
« on: September 14, 2013, 01:56:04 AM »

Artist: RomanticEvil
Title: Passionate
Genre: Classical
Lenght: 25:13 min
Size: 56.849.104 bytes
Tracks: 7 (Unmixed)
Cue-Files: No CUE files
Encoder: LAME
Quality: 320 kBit/s
Release Date: 14 Sep 2013
Release Name: RomanticEvil-Passionate-(ROMEV010)-2013-HcH

Passionate is a album mainly based on the piano, in addition to the piano some ensembles with cello's and violins. There are a few very nice tracks on it,

Passionate No.1 is a nice start, I wrote it myself and needed weeks to get it all properly arranged and recorded.

Passionate No. 2 is to be fair a ripoff of Ludovico, I tried to play one his fine piano plays and failed. A few record sessions went ok but I didn't get everything such as tempo and notes to match. Then I changed the tempo to be slower and changed instruments and added a piano later on in the track. It's a nice warm track but for me personally it feels like a ripoff considering the way it was started. However it's just too nice to delete and never hear again so I've added it.

Passionate No.3 is a nice warm piano/cello/violin ensemble, slow and a little repetitive and with a romantic touch to it.

Goodbye My Friend is written for my Bearded Dragon while he was sick and dying and there was nothing I could do about
it, age eventually takes all the living. Personally I dislike the track very much due the connected memories to it. Seen from another point the track perfectly describes the feeling of the moment I realised there was nothing more to do for my friend.

Sweet Dreams is my first attempt to play some piano myself and work with cello's and violin's using my own
composition on the contrary of my 2010 "West Mansion" album. This track was actually not meant to be on the album but a girlfriend of me likes it very much so maybe it's not as bad.

When I heard Grieg's To Spring I was so inspired, I love his piano play. And so I did a digital remake and added some new instruments to the track changing it quite a bit.

Bach's Air always was and will always be one of my favorite compositions of all times, the simplicity yet beauty is astonishing. I tried to make a digital version of it but failed. For one I wasn't able to include all the instruments of his ensemble and second the lenght of the original is more than a minute longer. Because I was used to mixed techno before this project I accidentaly have mixed it as a techno track, giving it a nice constant volume and clear mix. Though it's not as the original I think this digital remake is very nice, I'm actually sure you'll like it!


01-RomanticEvil-Passionate No.1
02-RomanticEvil-Passionate No.2
03-RomanticEvil-Passionate No.3
04-RomanticEvil-Goodbye My Friend
05-RomanticEvil-Sweet Dreams
06-RomanticEvil-Grieg-To Spring-(Digital Remake Plus Violins)
07-RomanticEvil-Bach-Air-(Digital Remake)

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Re: Romantic Evil - 2013 - Passionate [DOWNLOAD]
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2013, 09:49:00 AM »
This is really nice. I didn't know you are such a multi talent.

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Re: Romantic Evil - 2013 - Passionate [DOWNLOAD]
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2013, 12:46:33 PM »
This is really nice. I didn't know you are such a multi talent.
Hey Karmantyu,

I'm glad to read you like it! Thanks for your kind words and support!

In 2014 I will make a new album in this style ;)