Author Topic: [WM8650] Universal Windows CE7 [UberCE7 v1]  (Read 42877 times)

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Re: [WM8650] Universal Windows CE7 [UberCE7 v1]
« Reply #180 on: March 11, 2016, 02:27:33 PM »
Hi there, I have a Prixton 1001 subnetbook (WM8650) and finally I could run a custom copy of WindowsCE 6.0 using the launcher provided by the UberCE7 installer. The kernel runs okay at first, but it doesnt lasts many time. About 20 secons before launch it freezes. By the way, the installation even doesnt end like it should I think..

The screen is 10", but res is 1024x600 so I chose the option for 9.7" and later changed some files. UberCE7 does not install any WinCE7 in my laptop...

I need help. I know there's SO many people trying to install WinCE in this machine, because Android 2.2 is... argg.

Oh yes, I found a video that shows a sublaptop just like mine, but under another brand name...

Its identical, im pretty sure that the rom for this model would work on mine:

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Re: [WM8650] Universal Windows CE7 [UberCE7 v1]
« Reply #181 on: March 13, 2016, 10:02:21 AM »
 :android-question: did you follow these instructions ----=>


* before flashing this, get Uberoid v12.1, make a backup of your current env_uboot using FAQ#1 in the Uberoid v12.1 topic.
* best for WM8650 netbooks

  ;) please post the env.bin file made by uberoid 12.1 so i can see your devices original configs and try to help you....

uberoid 12.1 is very nice and fast compared to stock 2.2 and you can spoof different android os themes as well if you can not get this solved flashing UberCE7 v1..... with your devices env.bin i can suggest possible solutions - without it support will be limited

 :cool-android: possible firmware:
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