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Dear EHVSN/TechKnow Members,

A little background/history

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stephan, I live in the Netherlands. At a young age I was always fascinated by crackers with their awesome cracktro's and seemingly endless capabilities of understanding how software (protection) works. This interest made me study how these people achieved what they did, around 2001 I've started my own cracking group, in 2003 it became a official recognized group. That year I started to study for network/system administrator as well. In college, as one would expect we were hacking quite a lot and obtaining loads of warez while I was having irc-bots spread around the entire school networks downloading whatever I wanted and offering 0-day back. A model that for active downloaders is desirable because it grants access to the large dump/distro sites. It was fun but we knew it was a bad thing to do so we quit after a couple of months, the cracking group we had was enough to let us access 0-day distro's and that was all we wanted from that point. I got a job right after school and just grew in function level over the years, doing some hacking and programming aside and produced some music.
Getting fed up of beautiful technology being used abused.

Then I got one of those horrible slow cheap Chinese tablets and wanted to improve it. I found a trojan in it, and build anti-trojan software for it, while offering malware-free, optimized, rooted, (unofficially) google market activated firmware. Because of those releases the Chinese took down the website whenever they could or had a new trick up their sleeve, to a degree that they started DDoS'ing after I released a better solution to their malware, that the host asked me to move the site, which I did. I learned how to make the website better protected against their tricks, even hosted the website myself for a while to divert DDoS attacks.

Being a corporate network administrator, I was also in charge of the security, of the entire network, firewall, mailserver, clients, servers, mobiles had to be protected. And being in a large corporate environment, you will learn those are targets of many different attacks, banking trojans, trojan droppers through email, rdp brute force, it goes on and on. After doing much with Android, and liking Linux more and more, I started to delve deep into what Linux is and how it works. Then I started to develop a firewall myself, because I had quite a few ideas how to recognize cyberattacks and how bots crawl the internet, or automatically brute force certain protocols. This firewall is mainly aimed at being a large trap for active hackers and sabotaging botnet operations once they hit it on certain points, in certain ways. Therefor it's called "Combot", this went on development for years and years to come!

- Developing software / tools
- Music production (after 10 years I've quit the hobby, but now it has taken a different form, don't expect me to release new albums however)
- (Ethical) Hacking
- Game modding (though it's been a while since I started a new project)
- Linux (exploring the possibilities and diversity)
- Messing up bots/botnetoperations

Classical (Mozart  / Bach / Chopin)
Catalan / Italian Baroque (L'Arpeggiata / Nuria Rial)
Electro (The Hacker / Miss Kittin)
PsyTrance (Infected Mushroom / Astrix / Delirium Tremens)

- The Office (TV Serie)
- I'm not into movies or TV very much, in fact I didn't have a tv for the last decade

- Reverse Engineering
- Chiptuning
- C++
- Python
- Pentesting
- Cracking software/games
- Creating game trainers
- Powershell
- Bash
- Batch
- Game modding
- Anti-Malware (Windows/Android)
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