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   Added downloads on request of Mr. Winter.   

Author: HcH / Date: 2020-11-12

Added the 3 downloads for the GTA London XP mods for Mr. Winter, enjoy!


   Various releases of my gamecracks now on GameCopyWorld and Megagames.  

Author: HcH / Date: 2020-11-10

The NoCD Cracks, NoCD Patchers and Mini Images I've done in 2020 are now published on Gamecopyworld and Megagames. Cracks and keygens won't be distributed on this website for obvious legal reasons.


   Redone parts of the website and sorting out releases.   

Author: HcH / Date: 2020-09-27

-The new Commodore64 style site
-New releases part is now online. (I'm still working on it)
-Added a contact page on request ;-) cya B.!

As some may have noticed I'm not longer active on social media, I have gotten bored with that and decided to go back to my roots to have some old fashioned cracking fun. "To boldly crack that what has not been cracked before." Preferly the older games and apps since I can take on those the most easy. It has been a long time, I want to continue cracking and learn the more modern techniques that have appeared since I quit.

You can request cracks by clicking "Contact the Admin" in the menu.

A nice submission would be a game or application that's been released between 1995-2004, has no record of ever being cracked before, check, old game finder, game copy world and megagames besides the usual search engines you like to find out if something was never cracked.


   More updates to the new site!   

Author: HcH / Date: 2020-04-26

-added a quiz: basic networking
-added a quiz: basic hacking
-finished the first wiki article "How To Become a Hacker".
-fixed the blog site
-The Eyes of TronRa: CSS that will blow your mind. Visit TronRa
-Animated R2-D2 + Star Wars Webfont Conversion: all CSS! Visit R2-D2
-finished the second wiki article "Deepweb information"


   The new site is finally getting a little into shape   

Author: HcH / Date: 2020-04-01

Finally the new wiki is slowly becoming what it should be.
I've decided to make it a bit more expanded than initially planned.